Covid Testing Kits For Sale Bulk

Covid Testing Kits For Sale Bulk

What is a Self-Test or At-Home Test?

Self-tests for COVID-19 give rapid results and can be taken anywhere, regardless of your vaccination status or whether or not you have symptoms. where to buy rapid covid test kit

  • They detect current infection and are sometimes also called “home tests,” “at-home tests,” or “over-the-counter (OTC) tests.”
  • They give your result in a few minutes and are different from laboratory-based tests that may take days to return your result. covid testing kits for sale online
  • Self-tests along with vaccinationwearing a well-fitted mask, and physical distancing, help protect you and others by reducing the chances of spreading COVID-19.
  • Self-tests do not detect antibodies which would suggest a previous infection and they do not measure your level of immunity. Rapid covid test Kit buy online

How to Use an At-Home COVID-19 Test

Read the complete manufacturer’s instructions for use before using the test.

  • To use an at-home test, you will collect a nasal specimen and then test that specimen.
  • If you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions, your test result may be incorrect.
  • Wash your hands before and after you collect a nasal specimen for your test.

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